About Me

I’m sort of the poor man’s Martha Stewart. Well, the version that has only a small bag of craft tricks, no team, no money, no tv show or magazine – and most of all, no real commitment to see crafty things through all the time. You could also call me: a real person. I have a job and bills and a husband and friends that I like to spend time with. Sometimes, there’s just no time to be Martha, too.

I mentioned this somewhere on the blog before, but on top of my pseudo-Marthism, I’m a small town girl. Born and raised in Louisiana, I was an LSU Tiger before moving to New Orleans for five years. After Katrina, my husband (Brandon) and I stayed for another year and a half before making the big leap to San Francisco/Oakland. We’ve lived here for a while now and just absolutely love it. We’ve made such good friends that I’m not sure how we survived before them.

I like to read as much as possible, and I’m excited that in our new house I have a craft room. A real craft room with spaces and places to hold things! I also dabble in photography, and for Christmas the hubs bought me a Leica. Amazing little camera.  

In other news, I’m not big on talking on the phone, and I’m terrible at returning calls. People shouldn’t take it personally. I’m not good at small talk, so I’d rather be poked in the eyes with small sharp objects than call people back. That isn’t always true, but sometimes I really do feel that way. I also don’t like the television on in the mornings. There’s something about it akin to a vacuum cleaner, which my Mom can tell you I’m not real fond of (also why I may love wood floors). 

In the end, I decided to create this blog to talk about my adventures (or just the ordinary day-to-day), and to share life with you.

Hope you enjoy it.

Note to MS: Don’t be intimidated by me and my semi-awesomeness. You still have the world on a crafty string.


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