Lunch time.

Open-faced egg white, chicken, spinach and tomato sandwich

Open-faced egg white, chicken, spinach and tomato sandwich

My newest, fondest, bestest,easiest lunch recipe? An open-faced, egg white, chicken, tomato and spinach sandwich. I really love chicken, and I had a mess of leftover cheese-plate cheese that I didn’t want to waste. On top of that, I’m terrible about buying salad mixes and tomatoes and only using half of them before I forget they exist in my refrigerator. This sandwich sort of answers all of those issues. It’s high protein, low-fat and seriously effing good.  One thing to know before you make this – I said it’s good, I didn’t say it wasn’t a little messy.

What you need:

  • Egg whites, beaten, with a pinch of salt (I use two or three egg whites, or 1/3 cup from one of those egg white cartons)
  • Grilled chicken (Mine was leftover paillard-style balsamic chicken. Whatever meat you’re going to use, just make sure it’s easy to eat on top of a sandwich. You can also give turkey, pork or some other lean meat a try).
  • A handful of spinach or herb salad mix
  • Tomatoes (I used baby heirloom tomatoes)
  • One slice of any kind of bread you like the most
  • Cheese, too, if you want (I used smoked-something-and-onion, but I’m sure anything will work here).

What you need to do:

  • Spray a small skillet with Pam (or here’s a genius idea, use butter!) and pour in your egg whites. At this point, you can also add a few bits of your spinach/herb salad mix to the eggs.
  • While your omelet is cooking away, toast your bread to perfection and cut up your tomatoes. Cut them up tiny, cut them up in chunks – doesn’t matter – however you like them is best.
  • Once your omelet is done, place it right on top of the toast (one quick note here: I added a bit of sweet and spicy mustard to the bread, just to give it a kick).
  • Add your chicken to the skillet on medium-high heat, along with your tomatoes, more of the spinach/herb salad mix and a splash of balsamic vinegar and a just a bit of olive oil. Give that a a couple stirs and few minutes to heat up, and then pour it on top of your egg whites.
  • If you want, add a bit of cheese – or go without, because it’s still just as good.
  • As B. would say in Julia Child’s voice: Bon appetit!

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