Some S’mores.

I pledged last week to make birthday cupcakes for a coworker of mine, and I really wanted to do something different. I mean, fennel cupcakes, although good, don’t say “Happy Birthday” quite like chocolate can. I finally decided I wanted to make S’mores cupcakes, and really and truly, they were easy to make. I used this recipe from Martha-no-last-name-required, with the exception that I didn’t make my own marshmallows. Please. Why make your own marshmallows when they sell perfectly good marshmallow cream in the store? I did use this recipe for Marshmallow Cream Meringue, since I wanted to make sure the topping of the cupcake wasn’t grainy and would last until tomorrow. The recipe was pretty straightforward. I will admit I was a little over-zealous with the marshmallow cream purchase and now we have been forced to make pseudo-meringues with all of the leftover meringue. Life is difficult.

Two quick things to note:

  • You don’t need a kitchen torch to brown the meringue. Just throw those puppies under the broiler and keep an eye on them.
  • I used a piping gun to put the cream meringue on top of my cupcakes, but if you don’t have one of those, just scoop it into a plastic bag, snip the bottom corner off – and go to town.

And ps…apologies for the dark photo. It’s late, and well…it’s dark.


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