A weekend project…or maybe a three weekend project.

Brandon is headed out of town tomorrow, so I’ll be all by myself for nearly a week. I tend to look forward to these solitary times with sincere eagerness…until the day comes, and I’m crying at the Bart station as I drop him off.

So. To head off the crappiness that I know is coming, I’m going to be using my time to work on a project. While we were in Ashland, I stopped at this really great fabric store called Fabric of Vision on Main Street. Actually, I didn’t know it was called Fabric of Vision until just now – at the time I called it Hold-Up-Wait-Wait-Stop-I-Need-To-Go-In-Here Fabric Store. It’s small, but the fabric choices, along with the notions and patterns, is perfect for someone like me. I don’t like big fabric stores – like Britex – it’s too much. I like face time with the salesperson, not some snappy old woman who acts like I’m wasting her time when I ask a question.


While I was at Fabric of Vision I bought the Tea Party Sundress pattern by oliver + s.  So, so freaking cute. And tha’ts what I’ll be working on this weekend. It should be interesting, being that I’ve never worked with a pattern before. The site only had 1 scissor next to the difficulty scale, so apparently this is supposed to be easy as pie. We’ll see about that.

Here’s the little picture of it on their site:


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One response to “A weekend project…or maybe a three weekend project.

  1. Jennifer

    Ooh OOh Ooh!!!
    I know this pattern company!! I found a really great fabric store here in Dallas called Citycraft. Check out their website. You’d love it — lots of cute tutorials. They have these patterns in the store. And I obsessed over the vintage-like drawings!

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