The sun is a rascally thing.

Montclair graffiti.

Montclair graffiti.

We had really high hopes for Saturday, but the weather was not cooperating. I get it, I shouldn’t complain – I live in a place that is beautiful 10 months out of the year. But I was sick to death of the rain this week, and I just wanted to punch somebody when I saw the dark clouds looming. We were going to take a hike in Redwood Regional Park  (I had promised Brandon we would only take the 3.5 mile loop, but I had plans to trick him into the 5 mile loop – he’s bad with maps – but maybe the weather was just karma for being a liar). Anyway. Our Saturday out went something like this:

  • Hop on the scooter with the intention of taking a hike in the park.
  • Get delayed on the way up to the park by the rain.
  • Stop at Peet’s in Montclair and wait a while. Rediscover how super-cute Brandon looks over coffee (he thought I was teasing him, but I wasn’t).
  • Decide to take a walk in Montclair while the drizzle continues. Do silly things, like roam the aisles of Rite-Aid looking at “only on television” products like Sham-Wow and Slim-Quick (or is it “Quik”?).
  • Decide maybe the hike isn’t going to happen.
  • Eat a not-so-great lunch at Crogan’s, where they think salad shouldn’t have taste or anything other than spinach in it.
  • Jump back on the scooter and head over to College. Buy running supplies, so I don’t get hit by cars when I run in the early morning – things like a flashing light that I can clip onto myself.
  • Walk, walk, walk on College. Note the weather is clearing up and the sun is even coming out.
  • Back on the scooter and home again.

It was actually a good, solid day. I got to hang out with Brandon and do silly things, walk in the rain together and just spend some time with each other. I’ll be updating the Photographs page in just a bit with more pictures of our day (this time, I really mean I will update it – unlike last week, when I was supposed to add my cemetary walk pictures and didn’t…)


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