Two dinners and some shelving.

Today was a good workday, even if I never stepped foot in the office. A few things that got accomplished today?

  • My craft room is finally in order – shelves hung, fabric folded, and random objects all in place. Thank you to Brandon.
  • I cooked not one, but two meals today – so that I won’t have to cook for the rest of the week. Bove’s lasagna and good ole’ red beans and rice (if you’ve never made this, I recommend you give it a try at least once). Bove’s was on a Food Network show (Bobby Flay’s Showdown – ps…I hate it when the locals don’t win), and I really liked the whole family. And their lasagna was just calling to be that extra two pounds on my thighs. I made it somewhat according to the recipe – I didn’t use their brand because we don’t have it here, I used lower fat cheeses, turkey and meatless meatballs and half veggie/half noodles. Good stuff. To top it off, Ed/Nat/Will came over for dinner.
  • I took a nice long walk. It’s supposed to rain all week here, and today was no exception. I wanted to take my usual run, but I settled for a nice long walk. I took my camera along and by the time you read this there should be a Mountain View Cemetary Walk, version 2. It was cloudy, windy, quiet and perfect.
New space.

New space.


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