Sometimes plan, but sometimes wing it.

LSU quilt, first square.

LSU quilt, first square.


So I finished my first block of the LSU quilt, and I’m pretty happy with it. However, let me say again that I’ve never done this before, so I’m learning as I go. A couple of things I taught myself last night? 

1. It stinks when the vision you have to make something does not add up. And by not adding up, I mean…I don’t have enough fabric. 

2. It also stinks when you think all your fabric is going to match up like a nice little rectangle. And then you sew it together and it looks like a preschooler measured it. But you know what? That’s what rotary cutters and a nice ruler are for. 

3. I didn’t quite think about how the fabric would face in different directions if I didn’t pay attention (you can tell in the first picture on the left). I’m just going to go with it, because I don’t think it makes a huge difference. Besides, I kind of like the idea of the quilt being a little out of order. 

4. I’m going to need to give myself more time to finish the quilt. I’m going to need to be patient. Otherwise, I’m going to screw it up and then I’ll have to buy a quilt and tell my step-dad his LSU fabric was accidentally involved in a fire, so I had to start over. 

5. The most important lesson? Sometimes you plan, but then you have to wing it. 

A special song just for my step-dad:



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2 responses to “Sometimes plan, but sometimes wing it.

  1. Marla

    I wing it every day!

    Can’t wait to stick to the leather seats in the cab with you in June. This of course something we can plan.

  2. annie huthnance

    PATIENCE___________girl, I didn’t even think that word existed for you!!!!!!
    However, I will say, keep up the god work!!!!!!!!

    Love, Mom

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