Quilting to a football soundtrack.

First, the quilt. I got up this morning and felt this was the day for it to begin. I was ON IT, cutting and cutting and………..then I realized I didn’t buy enough fabric to make the quilt I had in my head. Bleh.

Totally okay. I went down to the fabric store and bought another yard of fabric. It’s fine. It’ll be fine.

And while I was cutting, Brandon was watching football. The proximity of my craft room to the living room/tv is THISCLOSE. And the wall is practically made of swiss cheese. Football soundtrack, and what did I hear – the Packers lose. With my team making their way to the (fingers crossed) Super Bowl, we want to play the Cardinals next week. It worked out beautifully.

And last but not least, my old friend, Kyle Bravo, and his wife were featured in ReadyMade this month. I turned the page, and BAM, there they were as part of an article about New Orleans. I was like – and pardon my french – HOLY SH*T I KNOW THEM. That doesn’t happen often. So great to seem them getting some credit.


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