I’m not going to take it anymore…is a national holiday.

“I’m not going to take it anymore” national holiday falls on the 7th of January. Yep, it does. I heard it on NPR and I saw it on the Internet, so it must be true.

I’m not sure what I’m not going to take anymore – I tried really hard this morning to think about it while I was on my way into work. Instead, all I could think about was not throwing up. I was taking Casual Carpool, and taking CC means taking chances sometimes. I agree to that every morning. But this woman’s car smelled like the deep, deep, deeeeeeeeeeep inside of a shoe that had been worn by a man with hair on his feet and long yellow toenails – while walking across the desert on a 10 year journey. Visual enough? It was beyond smelly.

And to make matters worse – and this won’t come as a surprise to you – it was dirty. I hate dirty cars, and really I think people should be a little more embarrassed to invite perfect strangers into their cars that have dog hair on the seats, greasy McDonald’s bags on the floor and magnetic toasters taped to their dashboards. Note to driver of said car: the toasters don’t make me think of you as cute or artsy. The toasters, among the trash, make me think you have a much bigger issue.

So in the end, I didn’t think about what I’m not going to take anymore. I certainly can’t NOT take Casual Carpool. Because let’s be honest, I get into the city for free, and I can stand a dirty, smelly car with cat hair any day for a free ride.

But here’s to you, I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore National Holiday – a song I know you’ll like:

Oh, and ps, even if you don’t have anything to not take anymore, there’s also National Tempura Day to celebrate. Really. Really!



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2 responses to “I’m not going to take it anymore…is a national holiday.

  1. Marla

    Your tolerance is immeasurable. It sounds like a Karen Silkwood contamination. Maybe you could wear a disposable paper suit for travel. We could have someone from Gunthy-Renker sell it on an infomercial for 9.99…but wait there’s more…an extra suit for the 3rd carpooler. Hurry….only 4 minutes left to get this incredible deal!

    All the schools were closed in Southern Indiana yesterday. I have to play G-d and decide when my childcare center closes. What unhappy parents I would have..

  2. I might have to print that comment and put it somewhere really obvious. I’ve never had anyone tell me my tolerance is immeasurable. Normally, my tolerance is lower than a snake’s belly, but hey, I’ll take a compliment when I can get it.

    Go cuddle with your hubs and keep him warm.

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