A trip I’m not so sure about.

Driving West...somewhere in Arizona...

Driving West...somewhere in Arizona...


As you know, one of my goals for the year is a big trip. Brandon and I have been turning over ideas as fast as we can dream them up, and we’ve landed (let’s say “semi-landed”) on one that just might stick: the big American roadtrip. We’ve gone from New Zealand hiking to London driving and European backpacking – in a word: all over the charts – but something seems more plausible about this one. 


I want to drive one way, see some sights in a particular destination, then fly back in the lap of luxury (also known as Virgin Air economy class). That’s my idea of fun times.  Brandon wants to drive roundtrip – as in a whopping 7,200 miles (I know the mileage, because I calculated it). I just talked to him and broke the news – he was, nevertheless, NOT stunned. In fact, he seemed pretty okay with the fact that we would be in a car for two straight weeks. He asked me if 12 hours a day of driving would work. No, no it wouldn’t. Twelve hours of driving a day is practically asking me to kill you with my bare hands. Twelve hours a day is not okay. I can settle for eight – and six if he wants me in a good mood. 

So we’ll see what happens. Like I said, this is all very semi-landed-pre-planning. Things could change at any moment.



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2 responses to “A trip I’m not so sure about.

  1. Shelley

    1. Santa Fe is amazing. It was the most beautiful, romantic, unspoilt, crafty, old city I have ever seen. And there is an amazing spa (10000 waves) where you and B can get a private natural bath outdoors under the stars.

    2. I wouldnt want to drive around London.
    I would instead recommend basing yourself there and traveling all around England (perhaps stopping in Birmingham I wonder why) and seeing all of the great cities! I have had a blast visiting Manchester Liverpool London Brighton Nottingham and Villages Villages Villages.

    3. Vacation is awesome.

    4. So is your blog.

    • I wouldn’t dream of going to the Old Country without see you pretty face. We had already talked about that being one of our reasons for going in the first place. You never know, it might just end up working out.

      I miss you. How’s England treating you?

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