New day, new procrastination.

After two months of saying “I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this”, I’ve put off the quilt-making one more day. Of course, I had every good intention of starting today. Instead, I wiled away the entire day reading.

Hey, at least I wasn’t watching television.

So really and truly, I’m starting the quilt for my stepdad tomorrow. It’s my first quilt, and I think some pf my procrastination on starting it is a subconscious feeling of “I don’t know what the eff I’m doing”. We’ll see how it goes. He’ll love it one way or another, because it’s going to be made up entirely of LSU fabric. For those of you not from Louisiana, you may still experience a deep unabiding loyalty for your own football team. I don’t know. All I DO know is that the man loves his Tigers, and I’m going to try and make this thing happen.

And just a “by the way”…here’s the lovely present my husband got me for Christmas – a vintage style thread/button/notion hold-all:



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2 responses to “New day, new procrastination.

  1. Kelli, what a great way to start the day on Dec. 31st. I’m glad you have found good use for the extra room. It was our storage much of the time. That box you have up is gorgeous, is that for notions?

    Quilting and sewing…Martha will need to retire when you the spitfire is on the scene. Got your X-mas card, made me long for community and home!

    Kevin painted my office a calming sagey/seafoam green. I dreamt of picking out butterfly boarders for the top of the wall. Michaels on the brain.

    Can’t wait to visit again! XXXXMarla

  2. Kelli, nice job. This may be a repeat. I wrote an earlier reply but it vanished.

    Beautiful dresses and box! Martha’s stock will take a nosedive when word gets out!

    Cheers to good use of the extra room. Post a picture of it!

    Miss you…counting down to New Orleans.

    Happy and Healthy

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