Another year.

I decided that I should start a blog, let all my energy out in some way. Who doesn’t have a blog these days? I figure no one will really read this – unless they come upon it by mistake.

(If you’ve come upon this by mistake, my apologies that I’m not better at the whole blogging thing. But you can’t say you weren’t warned in plenty of time to stop and move on to something better like huffpost or nytimes or

Anyhoo. It’s another year, and the thought of making a goal that I will undoubtedly lose track of in ten days somehow seems pretty attractive. Go figure. Here’s the short list:

(If you know me, you know I love bullet-points so here goes…………….)

  • lose 10-15 pounds (this really won’t happen, since I’m already in pretty good shape and have weighed the same for almost ten years – but I just like to put the dream out there in the universe)
  • start sewing more and making homemade gifts (love this one, and it’s something I may actually be able to stick to now that I have my craft room)
  • reel in my spending (damn you, Starbucks, and your awesome awesomeness) – and therefore…
  • save more
  • keep up my monthly anniversary cards to my husband (easy – I love to write them – he loves to read them)
  • start carrying around my camera more often and taking more video with the flip – these are the days we’ll want those future kids of ours to see – when we were young and hip (or something like that)
  • watch less tv and read more
  • plan our big trip to who-knows-where (any suggestions?)
  • keep up this dang blog of mine

I think that’s a good start. Nothing radical.

All right – that’s it – my first official post on Pins and Needling. Hope you enjoyed it. Hope you come back. Promises of better things next time.



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2 responses to “Another year.

  1. jill

    Welcome to the world of blogging…I jumped in this past year as well and have LOVED it. Your first couple of posts have a very nice way about them, your writing style is so casual and easy…good luck with your blog!


  2. Nil T.

    I just love this! You go girl — blog on, we ARE listening!

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